Little Presque Isle

Kayaks in a cove at Little Presque Isle

The Little Presque Isle tract is often called the crown jewel of Lake Superior, with its beautiful sand beaches, rugged shoreline cliffs, heavily timbered forests, and unmatched public views. The proposed natural area occurs north and south of Little Presque Point, around the mouth of Harlow Creek. The area is a combination of a wooded dune and swale community and bedrock lakeshore and cliff. The wooded dunes and swales formed as post-glacial lake levels receded, depositing a series of low sandy beach ridges. Since then, the ridges have become forested with hemlock, red pine, white pine, cedar, and balsam fir, while the wet swales that developed between them are now either forested or open wetlands.


Here are our thoughts about our time at Little Presque Isle!

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Great Spot for Kayaking

Jacob Nolley

Little Presque Isle was a fantastic place to visit. The island can be reached via kayak or a short walk. If you go, you HAVE to make a visit to the island. There is great hiking and swimming. Be careful on the backside though because the island acts as a breaker wall for Lake Superior.

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