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We grew up in different parts of Indiana and met our freshman year of college. We have been together ever since. After getting married in June, we bought a van, turned it into a tiny home, and started traveling across the country. Below, read about a couple of experiences that helped us to take that leap.

Abbie and Jacob backpacking the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon

On a Spring Break trip, we drove 30+ hours to hike and camp at the Grand Canyon. This trip sparked our interest in road trips and traveling, as we got to see natural beauty unlike anything in Indiana. 

Testing the Waters BackPacking

We love the idea of having everything you need to survive on your back. We tossed around the idea of doing a through-hike of the Appalachian trail. Our van is another way of doing that, having a home on-the-go.

Abbie and Jacob posing with backpacking backpacks

Jacob fishing in the ocean at sunset

Constantly Camping

We have been on countless camping trips across the country, mostly focused in the Midwest (since we lived there). People always say, “Do what you love.” Well, that’s the plan with our van.